Mobile app development

Smartphones and communication has become an integral part of our society as the computing industry becomes more mobile. Our dedicated team of developers follow established application development protocols including the SDK Study and UI & Prototype Design and Development. Our developers also carry out feasibility studies and testing.

Web development

We focus on functionally rich and visually stunning web applications. We focus on web solutions which are fully tailored to address your unique requirements and only use up-to-date technologies and the latest industry trends to deliver even the most technically complex yet easy-to-use solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio.

Interactive design

Our talented group of designers and interface engineers are masters at effectively conveying a consistent corporate message and brand while concentrating on ensuring a pleasant and useful user experience. We can help you effectively market your company by utilizing our skills in creative interface design, corporate branding and logo design, among others.


E-commerce website portal can proffer an improved online shopping experience for customers and consecutively giving newer heights to your business if it is developed efficiently. We develop easy-to-navigate, conversion-oriented sites to boost your business.




Capture unforgettable moments and post them among a growing community of social video creators.

Stay tuned for ongoing chances to win cash prizes in our multi-theme contests. VQuick is tailored to people interested in making, sharing and competing in the extreme short film category. Just like a film director, VQuick enables you to create video clips and arrange them in any order to make a perfect mobile film. Become a pioneer in the new art form of mobile short films. Learn how to use all the features to make your next short film!



is the unique and new generation innovative platform leading the way to a whole new era. Mobile devices will be used for not only banking but for all the social and networking uses and benefits Mobile users now expect. DOOCAT is the first such mobile platform integrating, combining simultaneously, social and banking for the millions, and enabling banks to provide all this. DOOCAT includes the basic bank account management, bill pay, P2P transfers, digital account opening, mobile-commerce via NFC/QR/Cell number identification, debit/cards & banking accounts management, deposit, recurring payments. The new DOOCAT SOCIAL BANKING adds Chat, Videos, Collaboration, Sharing, Following and other Social dimensions that mobile users would love to have.



Accidental Auto is an easy-to-use mobile application offering everything from car accident support to car related issues. Through several easy steps, you are there submitting the accident claim even if you are offline.

  1. List your car (s)
  2. Upload the photo
  3. Submit the accident
  4. Track the status

Not only it allows the drivers to avoid the day-to-day fuss connecting with the insurance company via phone but the mobile app possibilities don`t stop there! With the help of Accidental Auto it is easier to track the car related issues and make improvements when it`s necessary.



Gallery Systems

is a leading-edge Technology Company. We consistently invest in the development of cutting-edge, industry-specific solutions serving its growing number of customers worldwide…

Over the past 9 years GS has been developing and providing Banking Systems, POS Terminal Solutions, EMV Implementations, NFC & Contactless Payments, Mobile Payment Systems, E-Wallets, Hardware Security Modules (HSM), E-Commerce Gateways & Processing, System Integration Services, Outsourced on no-site IT services and Business Analysts and others.

GS has grown with the support, expertise and professionalism of its staff – both the management team and its partners.

The company demonstrated robust financial performance throughout its years of operations maintaining its vision and its international presence with its loyal clientele and indeed with its full-service teams of strategists, designers, technologists and developers. Through its continuous product enhancements and implementations GS recognized as a trustworthy partner and expert in the financial services software domain and has formed strategic alliances, which rest assured that our company always strives to deliver exceptional quality platforms that can be customized to suit their requirements.

Investing heavily in its product development, in an ever-changing and demanding marketplace, GS delivered its first Doocat Mobile Platform for a financial group as well as the only one with a solution that linked to any back-end system. Furthermore, following industry security standards, advanced functionality and customizable designs to make Doocat user-friendly across all devices, delivering both effective and cost-efficient licenses/operations.

We have provided solutions to, and partnered with such companies like Atos and Worldline , Microsoft, RightNow Oracle, HP, MasterCard, Boeing, Saur, Veolia, XLN Telecom, Shell Oil Refineries, Converse Bank, UniBank, BTA Bank, Exim Bank, Prometey Bank, Beeline, and others.